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Michelle Gonçalves

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Meet Michelle Gonçalves,
the owner & head instructor of the revolutionary methodology of Feminine Fusion™.

Mi is a passionate dancer with a background in psychology and an MBA in Luxury Management. She began her dance journey when she was only two years old and never stopped moving. She has explored several dance styles throughout the years including 8 years of Ballet, 10 years of Tap Dance and 4 years of Belly Dance. All of these dance styles are infused in her "Feminine Fusion" dance style, which has been changing so many women's lives. It connects women to their bodies and minds, providing an unimaginable boost of confidence.
Below you'll find some of Michelle's answers to some frequently asked questions about her journey and her methodology.


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How everything started?

"I always had this dream, to offer a sexier dance class for women of all ages, even though I was really shy. That was a challenge and actually one of the reasons that the project took longer to start. I had to work on myself, and then help others through the practice.
The idea came to me after many trips and courses, especially after the “Heels” dance. I realized the lack in the market of a class where the styles were mixed, like a “Fusion”. I wanted to create this new, and much-needed style that mixed these elements allowing them to complement one another and deliver an “all in one” package for the dancer, working all the muscles and offering the best resources.
So I started considering developing that myself, covering this gap and creating the opportunity to experience this feeling of empowerment available to the students, no matter their age or level — a class all women could do.
From this desire, I kept listening to my intuition, telling me how to mix the styles fluidly, introducing burlesque and adding chair and belly dance, among others. I kept it playful; I had in mind the need to turn a classroom into a fun environment, which could serve as the perfect space to allow women to feel free, to let go.
It was by testing on me first, in experimenting and creating, in freeing myself that I could create, leaving my comfort zone, being consistent, having a frequency and exposing myself to my fears that the magic happened. I felt ready, and I decided to make my dream come true and opened my first Dance Studio, becoming the creator of the Feminine Fusion™, a technique that helps women rescue themselves through the dance.
Michelle Gonçalves – Founder of Feminine Fusion™

What can you expect from Feminine Fusion™?

Our goal is bring women to a safe space where they can meet other women and have that inspiration and connection with the sacred feminine. A space where you can reconnect with your divine feminine energy & find the beautiful woman you’ve always been. A space for women to connect with themselves, going deeper and observing their thoughts, knowing themselves, and being surrounded by good people and good energy. For them to look at themselves through the eyes of love and self-love.

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